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The Benefits of Good Sex

Good sex has a beneficial effect on overall health. It can strengthen your immune system, improve your circulation, decrease tension and irritability, decrease migraines, diminish arthritis, strengthen you stamina, reduce insomnia, and just make you feel good all over.

San Francisco's Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality studied more than 38,000 people and discovered that people who reported a fulfilling sex life rated themselves as less hostile, anxious, and more content.

According to Margaret Nosek (1994) Journal of Applied Rehabilitation Counseling, 25(1), 50-58, sexual wellness depends upon five factors:

  1. Positive sexual self-concept; seeing oneself as valuable sexually.
  2. Knowledge about sexuality.
  3. Positive relationships with your intimate partner.
  4. Coping with barriers and limitations (social, environmental, physical, and emotional).
  5. Maintaining the best possible general and sexual health given ones' particular limitations.

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