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Find Your Inner Sexual Animal: Take This Test

What's Your Sexual Style? Read the following 10 items and select the answer that best describes you. Don't think too much - your first responses are the most accurate. Then have your partner go through and pick the answers to each question that best describes him/her.

1 When I'm feeling stressed out or anxious, I usually prefer:
Doing something like gardening, playing a sport, or getting on the computer for a few hours.
Daydreaming, hiking, or just taking off on a long walk.

2 During sex, I like:
Silent appreciation.
Sexy talk.
Knowing how to give my partner a great orgasm.

3 During sex, I'm thinking about:
My fantasies.
What my partner wants.
What I should be doing.
What I want.

4 When it comes to sex, I usually:
Wait to be invited.
Schedule sex.
Am a spur-of-the-moment type.

5 I think of myself as:
Sharing and emotionally available.
Agreeable and cooperative.
Fun-loving and creative.
Rational and well-organized.

6 Most of the time, I find myself romantically attracted to:
Exciting daredevils or artistically creative types.
Intelligent introverts.
Success-driven, hardworking organizers.
Passionate extroverts.

7 When I'm having sex, what's important to me is:
How well I'm performing.
My partner's pleasure.
My pleasure.
Sexual variety and excitement.

8 When my romantic relationships end, I tend to be the one who:
Is left.
Has a plan worked out.
Has another lover in the wings.

9 When it comes to sex:
I just go with the flow - but the wilder, the better.
I ask for what I want.
I approach lovemaking in a systematic or mechanical way.
I'd like my partner to "know" my body and what I want without having to ask.

10 I prefer sex:
When I'm horny.
When my partner is receptive.
When it's planned and we've both showered.
When it's spontaneous.

Is your partner a take-charge Lion or a be-there-for-you Bear? Study all four animal sexual styles - and learn your partner's best and beastliest traits.

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