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Dr Sandra Scantling - Intimacy Q&A: Orgasm Issues

Answer: First of all, make certain that you don't have a vaginal infection or other GYN problem you may have overlooked. Normally, clean vaginal secretions shouldn't have a strong odor and douching is unnecessary. If you've had any changes in the smell, amount of discharge, itching, or redness of your vagina, see your M.D.

But don't jump to say "you think" your boyfriend doesn't go down on you "because of the smell"--are you sure? Have you asked him? Has he ever enjoyed going down on a woman? It may have nothing to do with you. Some men simply feel uncomfortable or awkward "down there." Perhaps he just needs a little direction from you. Have a frank intimate discussion. If you're close enough to have oral sex, you should be close enough to talk about the details. The Better Oral Sex Techniques video offered by Sinclair may be a good conversation starter.

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