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Why is a condom causing sex to be painful for my girlfriend?
Question: My girlfriend and I are having a problem when we attempt to have sex with a condom. If I go without a condom, everything is fine. When I use one, she complains of soreness and pain in the vaginal area. What could be causing this?
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What can I do about my hemorrhoids?
Question: I'm worried because my new boyfriend says he wants to have oral sex on me, but I'm concerned and embarrassed about my hemorrhoids. Will he freak out? What can I do about them?
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Is it normal for the foreskin to be too tight that it causes painful erections?
Question: My husband is 41 years old and he is not circumcised. When he becomes erect, he feels pain. He says that the foreskin is gets too tight and he doesn't want to have sex. Is this normal?
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Does the vagina tighten up after a period of inactivity?
Question: Does the vagina tighten up after a period of inactivity? I am in a sexual relationship with a woman who has not had intercourse in seven years. We made our first attempt at love making the other day. It felt as though her vagina was tremendously tight. So much so, that it caused me to ejaculate immediately upon minor contact, twice. This has never been a problem for me. Does the vagina tighten up after a period of inactivity? If so, what can be done?
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Can oral sex change the shape of my clitoris?
Question: My boyfriend was performing oral sex on me and I think he made my clitoris turn inside out. I have an extra piece of skin/fat that is now outside of my vagina. Will it go back in or do I need to get it checked?
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What should I do about a strong vaginal odor?
Question: I'm a 25-year-old female in a monogamous relationship. My boyfriend does not like to "go down on me" because of the smell, I think. I really enjoy it when he does. I douche about twice a month and it doesn't seem to help. Please tell me something that will work. I am on birth control pills therefore he cums inside me. Is that a factor in this problem?
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Is stress affecting my sex drive?
Question: I'm a 33-year-old woman in a lesbian relationship. I have always had a very active sex life until recently when I started having an overload of financial difficulties. I feel sexually numb. Do you think my financial situation is causing my lack of sex drive?
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What will my doctor say about my shaved pubic hair?
Question: I recently started to shave off all my pubic hair because of a swimsuit. Both my husband and I are amazed at how much more sensitive I am. I love it and never want to have it grow back. I have a pelvic exam in two months and I am worried about what the doctor may say. I'm also wondering if there are any benefits to shaving pubic hair and what percentage of women shave that area?
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Is there something to help me for a gag reflex during oral sex?
Question: I would like to know if there is something out there to help with gag reflex when performing oral sex. I had heard there was some sort of cream. but not sure. During oral sex with my husband, I tend to gag and almost throw up so I have to stop. What can be done so I can follow through and satisfy my husband this way?
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Why do I prefer oral sex?
Question: My wife and I have been married 22 years. A second marriage for both of us with 5 children between us, 2 of them ours. We've always been close, made wonderful love, etc. We probably talk more than the average couple. My question is as I get older I like oral sex more and more. My wife makes me climax orally and I make her climax orally several times a week. We still make love in the regular way. My wife says she enjoys making oral love to me and I surely enjoy making oral love to her. Is there a reason why I like oral love more and more as I get older -- not just receiving but giving too? I swear I'm like a teenager thinking about it all day. I don't think about other women, just my wife.
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How can I keep shaved pubic hair from itching?
Question: I prefer to keep my wife's pubic hair cropped close on top and shaved down below. She has let me shave her that way a few times but will not stay that way. She complains that it itches when it grows back. I understand that if it is maintained regularly that it doesn't itch. Such as when I shave daily. I like her that way because it is much more comfortable performing oral on her otherwise it tickles my face. Any advice?
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Can a partner contract AIDS from oral sex?
Question: I am 65 and have a problem with impotency. My partner enjoys intense oral sex where she climaxes numerous times and with tremendous ejaculation. I get great satisfaction out of seeing her this way. Can a partner get AIDS from oral sex and, if so, what prevention is there?
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