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Dr Sandra Scantling - Intimacy Q&A: Orgasm Issues

Answer: Rapid ejaculation is often associated with anxiety. It's not unusual to feel some anxiety with a new partner, especially if the sexual "entry" is unusually tight. Vaginal tightness or dryness can be due to a number of factors, inactivity can be one of them. Before recommending treatment, there needs to be an accurate diagnosis of why your partner is "tight." Is she menopausal? Is there a history of trauma? Why hasn't she had intercourse in seven years and how does she feel about having it with you now? Has she had a pelvic exam recently and has it been painful? Can she insert tampons or a finger comfortably? Is there sufficient lubrication? Sex shouldn't be painful and I commend you for being concerned enough to get some professional help. Tell your partner to see her M.D. first. If all checks out, contact an AASECT-certified sex therapist together. When it comes to sexual relationships, both partners must be part of the solution.

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