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Dr Sandra Scantling - Intimacy Q&A: Orgasm Issues





How do I give my girlfriend an orgasm?
Question: I'm 23 years old and have recently become sexually active. My girlfriend was a virgin and I had sex maybe two or three times before that. We are trying to be patient, but it's really frustrating because she's not getting anything out of sex. The videotapes seem like they can help, but which one do I go with? Please give me an idea of which video would be right and any tips that may help improve the sex.
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Can a female urinate during an orgasm?
Question: Can a female urinate during an orgasm and is it safe to let my man urinate in me? Also, what is the epicenter and how can a female ejaculate?
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Why don't I feel anything during sex?
Question: I am a 25-year-old female. I have a wonderful husband of six years. I was a virgin when I got married as was he. He is loving, caring, sensitive and tries very hard. I can't stand sex. I haven't had any bad sexual experiences or warped upbringing. Please don't tell me it is psychological. I have had my hormone levels checked and blood panels run on everything and it says I'm normal. I have never had an orgasm, or even come close. I feel nothing. I enjoy nothing. We have tried everything. I do not have pain, and my physicals are all normal. Please help me, my marriage depends on it, and no one else has.
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Why haven't I ever had an orgasm?
Question: I have been married 13-plus years and have a WONDERFUL husband that nearly any woman in her right mind would kill for! Yet I have such control issues that I am riddled with intimacy fear. I have NEVER had an orgasm, and you know what? IT'S MY TURN! Any suggestions?
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Why do I only get an orgasm when I rub on top of my husband?
Question: Help! I only get an orgasm when I rub on top of my husband. Since doing this during intercourse deflates him (he says it's distracting and ruins his thrusting stimulation), I usually rub just on his thigh or something. I can't even masturbate to orgasm while on my back. I feel some stimulation, but really like the on top harder rub. Is this normal? Can I learn other ways? While my husband has his own problems (he has problems ejaculating; it takes a long time, or requires oral sex), I'd like to have more possibilities for myself.
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Why don't I reach orgasm from oral sex?
Question: My fiancÚ gets frustrated with me because I can't reach orgasm from oral sex. I know it's not her fault because she is very good at it. Do you have any suggestions that could help me?
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